Thank you for coming to and reviewing our web site. We are here to welcome you and provide you with an understanding of our work and how we do it. This way you can discern if the work we do, is beneficial for you. Please understand, we speak from  personal experience in doing “the work” on ourselves, loved ones and clients.

Our understandings are not to be taken as “facts”or “gospel”, but personal understandings from personal experiences, of how “we” operate as beings, within ourselves, consciously and unconsciously, using our energies to effect our realities and the realities of others.

The work we provide is metaphysical in nature. We read the energies that are with a client, a clients home or work space, as well as energies attached to the client from another. 

We then look to see how the energies are impacting the client usually the issues at hand – be they mental, emotional, physical and/or spiritual and assist the client in understanding their creation and neutralizing, eliminating and healing the energies, bringing the client back into alignment with the “Self”.

Having misunderstood the nature of our reality,
we will explain our current understanding of self.  We, as conscious beings, are 110% responsible for ourselves, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually and when we take back authority over our lives and our creations, we create a freedom that provides us the ability to make new choices and live in alignment with "Self".

Our work is to assist you in taking back authority over your “Self”,
mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, to the extent you are willing. Through self authority, self will, and self determination, you can change the false reality operating system you have been working from and shift to a new operating system, a system that operates in the present, free and clear of past issues. This is the goal, to clear the hard drive of the past, so you can make new, clear and clean choices in the present.

We all have the ability to clear our hard drives of the past and start a new in the present. As a team, we share the tools that you can use to create a new reality of health and wellness:  mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, so you are more alignment with your spiritual internal compass - the “Self”.

Coming back into alignment with Self provides its own rewards,
including less stress, greater mental flexibility and adaptability, increased health and wellness, less emotional turmoil and less drama. Most importantly, for those who want to now the whys of  - why am I feeling this way, acting this way, behaving this way…..energy provides the explanation.

Thank you for reading about our services and please feel free to contact us by email or phone with questions you may have.

rev's. Michael and Robin

Energy Intuitive | Spiritual Healing | Exorcist
Inner Self Healing: Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually. 
Energy Cleansing & Clearing - People, Pets and Places at a "Distance". 

Ph: 847.431.9212
email: michael@unifyself.com
Confidential services provided via phone conference

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